The land of Uttar Pradesh is full of culture, heritage, and monuments. The ancient towns and cities which sprang up along the banks of the Yamuna and Ganga Rivers and nurtured the rich culture. This land is the perfect mix of the past and the present making it even more beautiful. While Uttar Pradesh is famous for its cities like Agra, Varanasi, Ayodhya and much more there are still some places which have so much to offer to the tourist but they are yet to be explored. These places are referred as the Hidden Treasures of Uttar Pradesh because of the rich culture and history they have.



Sonbhadra is an ancient land where icons of Mahabharat era were found. This UP place is famous for the Shiv Dwar and Renukeshwar Temple. The city has a lot to offer to the nature lovers with the beautiful Lakhaniya Dari, Mukkha Falls and the rare Fossil Park which are the perfect spots for a trip. There are lots of cave paintings in this region which are of a great antiquity. The city also has the famous Vijaygarh fort which is a symbol of the might of the ancient rulers of this region.


This town is located in the district of Meerut and has been a silent witness to the majestic grandeur and conflicts of the Mahabharat era. The city of Hastinapur is also a sacred pilgrimage for the Jain devotees who believe that three Jain Tirthankars were born here. There are temples here which are dedicated to several Mahabharat characters such as the Pandavas and the Draupadi which add to the historical importance of this town.


The city of Kalinjar has located about 280 km from Jhansi, close to Banda. This fort town has a strategic importance during the medieval times. The Kalinjar Fort is situated at a height of 700ft which is a historical treasure. The beautiful Vindhya ranges give the fort a charm which will leave a lasting impression in your mind. There is also a tale that the Neelkanth Temple, is built on the spot where Lord Shiva, after consuming poison came to rest here for some time.


Mahoba is a small beautiful town which is known for its beautiful lakes and temples situated on hills and valleys. There are rich hilltop fort and man-made lakes which are built by Chandela King's show engineering excellence. The Alha-Udal ballads narrating tales of valour of the Bundela warriors have originated from Mahoba. There is a famous Sun Temple at Rahila which is a unique 9th-century granite structure.

Barua Sagar

The Barua Sagar is situated on the banks of the Betwa River near Jhansi. This place is named after Barua Sagar Tal which is a large lake created almost 260 years ago by Raja Udai Singh of Orccha. This place also has a historic fort on top of a hill where Marathas fought with the Bundelas in 1744.


The town of Parichha is 25 km away from Jhansi on the Jhansi-Kanpur highway via Kalpi. This town is situated on the banks of Betwa-river and is famous for the Parichha reservoir and dam. The reservoir offers various water sports and the dam offers a beautiful picturesque view of the reservoir and its surroundings.


Kalpi is a small town which is situated on the banks River Yamuna in the Jalaun district. This place has a fort which is ruined but still looks impressive and various temples of interest and also some ancient tombs. There are places like Pataleshwar temple and Vedvyas temples which are beautiful ancient temples and are great places to see. The city of Kalpi is not just famous for its ancient monuments but also its wide variety of sweets.