Agra is famous for its Petha. Itis a sweet made from white pumpkin or ash gourd and is infused with different flavors.This delicious sweet is found in many different varieties and shapes. The two popular varieties of Petha are - the dry, hard and chewy ones and the other is soft and syrupy. The Petha is available in many variants like plain (white), Kesar(saffron), Angoori Petha and Paan Petha to name a few. Petha is believed to have medicinal traits and is considered beneficial for blood pressure, hydration, brain growth, and more.The best place to buy Petha in Agra are Sadar Bazar, Dholpur House and Hari Parvat.


Dalmoth is a mixture of nuts, spices, lentils and oil. It is a traditional Namkeen crispy, spicy, and a little bit greasy. The best Dalmoth can be found in Panchi Petha and Baluganj .This tastes best with a cup of tea when you wish to munch something crunchy. The Dalmoth is packaged in boxes and bags, this traditional namkeen (snack) will overwhelm your taste buds with a spicy flavour.


Paratha is a famous dish of the Mughlai Cuisine and Agra is famous for it. Parathas in Agra are mostly vegetarian, made with pan fried flat wheat bread which is stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and cheese. Parathas will satisfy your craving for traditional Indian flavours. People usually eat them in breakfast accompanied with curd, pickle and chutney and it is said to be a wholesome and nourishing Indian Breakfast. 

Bedhai & Jalebi

Bedhai is a typical breakfast, usually served at street stands in Agra. This is a sweet and spicy combination which consists of two parts: spicy bedhai and sweet Jalebi. Bedai is a fried, puffy bread, which resembles Kachori and is served with a bowl of spicy sabzi dotted with hunks of potato and a dollop of curd. The jalebi is a luscious dessert which is made out of fermented batter which is fried and then soaked in hot sugary syrup. This is a balanced breakfast and can be found in every corner of the city. The Famous point where one can find delicious Bedhai and Jalebi are on Pratappura, Sadar Bazar, Taj Ganj and Fatehabad road etc.

Mughlai Food

The Mughlai Food is a souvenir of the Mughalera in India. The food has been borrowed from the Mughal kitchen. The Mughlaidish mainly consists of meat enriched with creamy, boldly flavoured curries;with lots of dried fruits with the ground as well as whole spices. As timepassed, the Mughlai dishes travelled from Agra to different parts of NorthIndia. However, the taste of Mughlai food in Agra is special and delicious.When the Mughals made Agra the Capital city of India in the 16th century, theyleft indelible imprints on the cuisine of Agra. The best places to get the lipsmacking and original taste of the Mughlai food in Agra are areas like Nai ki Mandi area on MG road in various restaurants on Fatehabad road.


Chaat is very popular in Agra as a part ofsnacks, especially Dahi-bhalla, Raj kachori, samosas, and gol gappas. Whiletalking about Agra we shall only focus on the Bhallas as it is city’sfavourite. The bhalla in Agra is a fried potato and chickpea patty that’ssmashed open and topped with grated ginger and a spicy-sweet tamarind sauce.The Bhallas here are made bigger and crispier than the others. This is aperfectly satisfying snack that can only be found on the streets of Agra. Toenjoy the true taste of the chaat in Agra one can explore chaat wali gali in Sadar bazar.