Uttar Pradesh is always on a healthy traveller’s list for its authentic and exquisite wellness retreats. A traveller’s body should not only be physically fit but also mentally. Both of which can be attained through yoga. Travelling for wellness can be an amazing cocktail to enlighten and rejuvenate your life. Wellness gets you closer to your inner self. Meditation helps you in building your concentration and the right pose or Asana gives stretch and flexibility to the body,One of the oldest inhabited cities on Earth, the essence of Varanasi is faith. It is believed that a visit here, can be a step toward liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Mathura and the holy Govardhan are also popular as the rejuvenating places for yoga. These three are the key destinations for yoga and wellness in the state of Uttar Pradesh. There are many centers, ashrams and institutes where Yoga is practiced and taught as well. Visitors from all across the globe visit the state to experience Yoga and the richness of our cultural heritage.