Religious has great importance in Uttar Pradesh. Hindu pilgrimages in Uttar Pradesh are very famous and attract pilgrims all year round from different parts of the country as well as from all around the globe. Devotees come to visit the shrines and holy places located in here. A tour of Uttar Pradesh is incomplete without a visit to these famous religious destinations. Uttar Pradesh is rich in pilgrimage destinations and there are many cities that are considered holy by devotees and pilgrims. Such as Varanasi, Mathura, Vrindavan, Sarnath, Ayodhya. Uttar Pradesh has different castes and communities and all practice their own respective religions but they all coexist in harmony and peace. It is full of religious places with temples that attract pilgrims and religion enthusiasts throughout the year. These cities and towns in Uttar Pradesh are not just popular on account of the temples and pilgrims but also for their exquisite geography and landscapes. A visit to these pilgrim centres in Uttar Pradesh will make to experience religion and peace on a deep level. These temples and shrines evoke spirituality and help to attain inner peace. Various festivals and fairs also take place at these holy places where devotees gather in huge numbers.