Uttar Pradesh is a vast state with immense beauty, whether its monuments, parks, ghats, natural wildlife, rivers, temples etc. It is a delight for photography to capture all the exquisite essence of the culture and traditions in here. Festivals and fairs are also held in here from time to time that is covered by famous and renowned photographers from all around the globe as well as from India.The monuments of Uttar Pradesh are tourists’ favourite when it comes to photography. Uttar Pradesh monuments consist incredible artistry and craftsmanship that is a must to be covered by photographers. There are a number of monuments that distinctly bear the imprints of a particular dynasty. These awe-inspiring human creations are representative of the myriad facets of history, art, architecture, trade and language. Along with these, there is various wildlife sanctuaries and eco-garden in here that are picturesque and apt for photography.There are various ghats present in Uttar Pradesh that are a centre of attraction for photography Uttar Pradesh is also famous for its handicrafts and artworks that are beautifully done by artisans. These are a delight when it comes to photography as they reflect the traditions and culture of Uttar Pradesh.