Uttar Pradesh is the hub of culture, custom and traditions. It is the land of great history and stories. These tales are not just recited rather they took the form of eminent monuments and structures. This state witnessed the setting of two great epics – the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and left the mark of this in the form of rich heritage and structures. This is the same land where Hinduism took the shape of the religion, the existence of which remains to this day. It is the site where the great rulers and emperors marked their existence in the form creatively and skilfully erected buildings that still leave visitors awestruck with wonder.Exploring Uttar Pradesh takes the visitors on a magical experience and helps them to know the art and history of this phenomenal state. Many cities are enriched with heritage, cultural and historical aspects.  Agra region, Lucknow region and Varanasi region are some of them with several other destinations as well.Heritage of Uttar Pradesh is a delight to the eyes with its beautiful and magnificent monuments wooing visitors’ hearts.  These experiences that travellers witness in Uttar Pradesh help them to have a close look at the prosperous history and heritage.