Uttar Pradesh is the melting pot of varied cultures.The vastness and diversity present across this region can be seen from the fact that the state has been divided into different food zones based on different cities present in this state. It is not wrong to call Uttar Pradesh a food heaven as it has something or the other for everyone to satisfy their taste buds.  Sweet, savoury, spicy, tangy etc. one can experience all sort of flavours and delicacies.The food here is every foodie’s delight, with a diverse culinary Landscape, which cannot be found anywhere else. The cuisines and dishes are prepared with exotic spices, herbs and garnished with dry fruits, making the food delicious and adding a distinctive flavour.The city of Lucknow which is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is popular for its Nawabi cuisines. The chefs and cooks of the region invented the dum style of cooking or the art of cooking over low heat, which has become popular and synonymous with the city today. The city has an elaborate menu consisting of kebabs, kormas, roomali roti, warqi roti, zardi, biryanis and much more.