Uttar Pradesh is an eminent tourist destination to travel and explore with your beloved one. For the couples the state brings the greatest symbol of love the Taj Mahal. A destination on every couple’s wish list Taj Mahal is an eternal beauty and must see attraction.  Apart from it sightseeing, monuments, dventurous places, wildlife sanctuaries, festivals and fairs, temples, shrines, rivers, visit ghats are some of the things that you can do while travelling in Uttar Pradesh.  Tourists can enjoy their visit in Uttar Pradesh by experiencing  various traditional dance forms like Charkula dance, Raasleela, Kathak and pleasant folk music. Uttar Pradesh is also a delight for couples who like to eat and try new cuisines. With a huge variety of architectural, spiritual and culinary delights Uttar Pradesh is surely be a state you would love to explore.