Bateshwar Fair

Bateshwar is a small town located 70 km away from Agra. The name of the town comes from the deity called Bateshwar Mahadev. Bateshwar is culturally and spiritually significant because of its 101 temples belonging to many different goddesses and gods of Hindu religion. An annual fair is organized here during the months of October and November. This festival is celebrated in honour of Lord Shiva and lasts for a month. Lord Shiva’s devotees come here to take a dip in the holy Yamuna. A cattle and livestock fair is also arranged at the celebrations. The festivities extend all the way to Agra.

Taj Mahotsav

Taj Mahotsav is the most famous festival in Agra organized in the month of February for a period of 18-27 February. The festival organized by Taj Mahotsav Samiti is aimed to promote the creative art craftsmen and help them showcase their respective skills. Arts, crafts, cultures, different kinds of food and traditions of the country are on display here. Various national and international famed classical/ semi-classical/ Bollywood/ folk and traditional performances by local artists also perform at this festival. The festival is celebrated to welcome spring with pomp and show. Chikankars from Lucknow, Handmade Carpet makers from Bhadohi, Wood Carvers from Saharanpur all come here to display their excellent work. Beyond these other major attractions include - famous pottery from Khurja, beautiful silk sarees from Varanasi, Sapera dance form of Rajasthan, famed Nautanki of Uttar Pradesh and Lavani dance of Maharashtra and many more. 

Duration - Takes place on  February 18-27 annually for 10 days. 

Location- Celebrated nearby Taj Mahal at Shilpgram which is the official venue of the festival. 

Transportation- Local taxis and autorickshaws are easily available.

Ram Baraat

Ram Baraat is organized annually before the festival of Dussehra. It is celebrated as ‘barat’ or marriage procession of Lord Rama. The festival is actually a part of the re-enactment of Ramleela which finishes into the celebrations of Dussehra with the execution of effigy of Ravana by Lord Rama. ‘Janakpuri’ the palace of Sita is setup at a venue where the ‘baraat’ arrives. The procession highlight is the colourful and decorated ‘Jhankis’ that are carried. The venue is where the fair takes places and people of faith flock here to witness the wedding. The idols of Lord Rama and his brothers are decorated with jewels and are placed on a chariot which is a part of the procession.

Duration : Organized annually before Dussehra in the month of October.

Location- The procession begins from Lala Channomalji Ki Baradari, goes throughout the city and ends at the venue prepared to be ‘Janakpuri’

Kailash Fair

On the outskirts of Agra, a Kailash fair is organized at Kailash temple to honour Lord Shiva. Organized in the month of August or September, on third Monday of Saavan month. It marks the auspicious sighting of Lord Shiva as the ‘Lingam’. Devotees from Agra and nearby areas come to attend this fair. Organized annually in themonth of August and September.

Sheetla Fair

In Agra, this is a traditional fair which happens in July at Mau road near Agra. This fair also has a small carnival for Children.