The state of Uttar Pradesh is famous for being the home to significant places of the Ramayana Circuit, like Ayodhya, Shringverpur, and Chitrakoot. It is believed, that these places were closely associated with the life and times of Lord Rama. A large number of devotees flock to this circuit all through the year, which led to the development of these places. Lord Rama, the son of Kosal King Dashrath, was born in Ayodhya. He was sent to exile for 14 years at the behest of his stepmother Kaikeyi. His wife Sita and brother Lakshman accompanied him. From Ayodhya, they proceeded to Chitrakoot via Shringverpur. Today people visit these places to be a part of Lord Ram’s life and celebrate various fairs and festivals connected with his life.


Ayodhya has been a home to the Ikshvaku dynasty, from which Lord Rama, the most illustrious of its rulers is said to have descended. Lord Rama took birth and returned here after 14 years of exile. This city has various temples dedicated to Lord Ram and Mother Sita. To visit Ayodhya is to be a part of history of one of the greatest legend of his time Lord Rama. The attractions and temples here give the visitor an opportunity to learn about Lord Rama and his principles.


Chitrakoot is believed to be the place where Lord Ram, Mother Sita, and Lakshman spent a huge part of their exile. It is believed that the supreme Gods of Hinduism, (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) took incarnations here. This place has many temples and destinations which are dedicated to Lord Ram like Ram Shaiya, Hanuman Dhara, Sitapur, Sphatik Shila, Ramdarshan and Ram Ghat.


The city of Shringverpur is a picturesque place which is located about 40 km from Allahabad on the road to the state capital Lucknow. It is believed that it was here that Lord Ram crossed the River Ganga while on his way to exile along with Mother Sita and Lakshman. The village has gained eminence with the passage of time and has been mentioned in detail in the epic Ramayana as the capital of the Kingdom of Nishadraj (King of Fishermen). The excavation here unearthed a temple dedicated to Shringi Rishi, from whom this place is believed to take its name. It is said that Lord Ram, Sitaji, and Lakshmanji put up for a night here, on the invitation of Nishadraj, before proceeding to the jungles on exile. The environment of Shringverpur is serene and scenic, people visit this place in huge number every year.